Judy J. Hunt is proud to be endorsed by these Berkeley residents and officials.

  • Rifhat Ahmed
  • Jeana Arabzaden
  • Andrew Bramer
    Tenant – Muralist
  • Charles S. Calhoun
    Tenant – Retired Chef
  • Laurie Capitelli
    Former Berkeley City Councilmember
    District 5
  • Rose M. Craft
    Homeowner since 1950
  • Lori Droste
    Berkeley City Councilmember
    District 8
  • Sam Fortune, Jr.
    Retired – City of Berkeley Public Works
  • Abigail Franklin
    Former President, City of Berkeley
    Board of Library Trustees
  • Pamela Hansen
    Homeowner – Physical Therapist
  • Amanda Hart
    Tenant – Teacher
  • Walter Kotecki
    Tenant – Marine Maintenance Specialist
  • Gregory McConnell
    President & CEO
    The McConnell Group
    Consultants & Advocates
  • Darryl Moore
    Former Berkeley City Councilmember
    District 2
  • Linda Schacht
    Retired – UC Berkeley Graduate School
    of Journalism, Library Trustee, Daily
    Cal Board, UC Trustee
  • Alex Sharenko, Ph.D
    Research Scientist – Engineer
  • Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
  • Susanna Hung Tse
    Property Owner since 1989
    District 6
  • Susan Wengraf
    Berkeley City Councilmember
    District 6
  • Clarence Williams, Jr.
    Retired – Cintas Driver Sales
  • Idello Williams
    Retired – Teacher Aide, Berkeley
    Unified School District
  • Olga Volodina
    Writer Coach Connection Volunteer
    East Bay Schools
  • Gordon Wozniak
    Former Berkeley City Councilmember
    District 8
  • Berkeley Democratic Club